Fly of the day, the week, the month, the year, the century, the millenium, the one.

There are a lot of amazing flytiers out there. And there are even more Blogs with myriades of nice flies and instructions how to do them. That's why The Fly Guys decided not to come up with another version of a March Brown or shrimp. Because we are just not good in that. Until today. Because by surprise we created a great fly. And because we believe that surprising things have to be shared to stay surprising (not for us but for theirselfs), we decided to show one of our best kept secrets so far.
It's THE killer fly. In every aspect.

Because it catches nearly every fish you can catch in a (german) freshwater stream or creek.
Because it is the most easy fly to tie.
Because it only needs one kind of material.
Because it saves you a lot of material.
Because it doesn't even need the good parts but the waste material.

Due to the growing number of fantastic-high-tech-multi-wonder-names for flyfishing tackle, we now should announce it like this: "Gentlemen, the Omni." But this is way to serious for such a little, dirty garbage fly. (You'll understand when you see it).

That's why we called it: The Glöckner.
Which means: The Hunchback.

And of course there's a reason for that lovely name.
Because all you have to do is this:
1.) Take a jighead or goldhead.
2.) Fix a little rest of marabou with your thread at the end of the hook.
3.) Fix the marabou behind the jighead - with throwing a little hunchback in your feather.

You can vary the grade of "deformation", eg to make it more look like a little streamer.

That's it. That's the wonder of simplicity.
Got a rest of black marabou? Or brown? Or grey? Go cut a little piece out of it and tie a Glöckner in less than 30 seconds.

It caught rainbow trout, brown trout, greyling, char, carp, perch, chub, roach, nase and even little pike.

We guess the reason for the success of this multitasking-fly is that it pretends to be a nymph, fishbreed, a pollywog or a leech. Or probably all in one. Maybe we should call it "The Super Schizo"? What do you think?
Another reason for it's success could be the simple fact that it's just so ugly.
It looks like the perfect victim.
And fish love ugly flies. Like the Glöckner.


  1. How are you fishing this fly? Upstream like a nymph? Does it work as well with a normal straight hook and bead or does the jig hook give it a better action?

  2. Depends on the riverspeed an/fish you want to catch. Eg I caught some carps on sight in calm waters by just dropping it to the ground, into the carps swimming direction, letting the carp come over it and suck it in.
    Nymph: Probably not the classic way upstream like a nymph passing by in top or midwaters, because of its weigth.
    I think it's important to let it down to the ground and then jig it in. But because of it's weight you might catch the ground many times, when you fish upstream.
    Bead head should be fine, as long as it's heavy enough to move/jump over the ground (like a nymph or little fish breed trying to hide).
    It's weight makes it also perfect for faster creeks (like in the Alps) with deep holes where you "dip" it.