If you want to go fishing ... take this walking cane.

Gerd-Peter Wieditz found a way to go for the probably best walk in the world - with his Walking Cane Rod.

Gerd-Peter Wieditz is a well known splitcane rodbuilder and cdc flytier from Germany, who's flies were published in various international magazines and are even found in museums (Jagd & Fischereimuseum München, Cushner Museum, Florence/Oregon).

Mr. Baginski, if you could take only one fly to the island...?

Last week we started with Henrik Mortensen. This week, we ask one of the most acknowledged bamboo rod builders in Europe: Rolf Baginski. The Fly Guys met him at the EWF 2011. (german language).

If you could take only one fly to the island?

Which one would it be? This is a question that might surprise in times when the fly fishing industry tries to persuade us to buy more and more and more stuff whether we need it or not. So much for sustainability.
Now, which would be the one and only fly that you would trust? That would hopefully catch most fish - on the most different conditions? So you finally would have something to eat. To survive!
The Fly Guys asked this simple but existentially pleasurable question at the EWF 2011 in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich) in Germany. But we didn't ask anyone. We asked some really interesting people. And we start with Henrik Mortensen, one of the most respected salmon fishermen and great promoter of the Scandinavian Spey Cast.