A river runs through it. That's Munich.

A little while ago, Munich decided to renature the river bed of the Isar and brought back the "natural stream channel" of this beautiful river that comes from the Alps and runs right through the heart of this million-habitants-city. And although this river can't be renatured totally (the bed still has to work as a flood detention basin for the saisonal floods) I'm really impressed and proud of it. For the people that hang out all summer long, barbecuing, swimming and relaxing - right in the heart of the city. For the fishermen. And of course for the fish, all that trout, greyling, barbel and even danube salmon. Where else on this planet can you do this?

In the background the European Patent Office and the famous Deutsches Museum on it's island in the Isar.

The green was still to grow when I took the pictures.