How to catch Danube Salmon with a #10 nymph / Huchen auf Nymphe.

Believe it or not: you can catch Huchen on a #10 jighead nymph. As long as it is the
The Glöckner. Then it is in fact possible to catch Danube Salmon under the full sun, right in the heart of a town, with people walking by and having their beer in the beergarden next to the fish.
All this happened in Freising, a little town just 45 minutes away from Munich. The river, called Moosach, runs right through the town, but its water quality is superbe, with trout, char, greyling and even crayfish.
Some while ago, the university of Freising started a test project, putting Danube salmon into the river some kilometers upstream from Freising. This year some of the fish went downstream (!), for breeding right under the eyes of not only surprised tourist but also fishermen. And well, one of the young boys couldn't resist this little ugly and black creature. Click here for flypattern.