Wrong job?

Being a fisherman is second to none. But sometimes you are destined to do greater things.

Europeans nymph it better.

An interesting view on how we fish with nymphs over here in Europe brings us Kurt Finlayson of the Herald Journal. Here. (through Midcurrent).

Patagonia goes 360° in a 360-branch of trade.

There's an old saying in advertising: If you have nothing to say, sing it.
The Fly Guys are shure, that this is note the reason, why Patagonia decided to go into music. They problably just understood, that a company that offers stuff for people who aim for a 360°-feeling should do so too. And after they started spreading the word for their Environmentalism projects, they now also play the music to their 360-lyrics. With Patatgonia Music, spread by a new iphone app and their brandnew music player. That's definitely worth giving a note.

Amazing new technology. Hallelujah!

Without comments. Just play video and pan around with your mouse. Amazing.

How long lasts Fluorocarbon?

A question that probably came to all of our minds many times before, but generally disappeared with the next hatch, rise or hanger. Now we discovered answers of Seaguar and Maxima, that were given to the question by Clam_Digger. Thank you, Digger.

Seaguar answered: "The shelf life of Fluorocarbon is 7-8 years."
Maxima answered: "The durability of Fluorocarbon is extremly high. Compared to a Polyamid monofilament the FC durability is several times longer. The main reasons for that character are the following:
- Fluorocarbons are resistant against UV rays. Due to that they are not weakened by sunlight.
- Fluorocarbons are resistant against most acids."

So why not starting a collective order. Let's say, for the beginning, one kilometer?