Huchen fischen an der Sava Bohinjka - Fishing Danube Salmon at river Sava Bohinjka / Slovenia

This winter, beautiful Sava in Slovenia was generous again. Fishing for three days gave me three times Hucho Hucho action.
Day 1: watch the video, just amazing, after two hours of fishing. Together with my guide Emil Pintar we spotted six! 1m+ Huchen on a stretch of 300 meters. And another 5 upstream at the bridge (what I call "Huchen Bar"), ... speechless...


Another midday Huchen, caught under a bright sun, around 2 pm.

This fish was slim and 105 cm long. It took just some minutes to land him 50 m down from where I hooked it.

Day 2: 45 cm baby after dark.
Day 3: a huge huge Huchen just in front of me, going after my lure for three times, hooking and loosing it after some seconds. This fish came up like a submarine, rolling like an alligator, showing his enormous white belly. Tomaž Ravnik was able to catch it a week later. Congratulations, Tomaz!

Tomaz with the submarine.

So, after three days of fishing, all I can say is: If you don't belong to those happy few, living next to a Huchen-River, beeing able to go out there to cast a 1000 casts every here and then: go see Emil Pintar at beautiful Sava Bohinjka.