Die fraktale Struktur des kleinen Geistes.

Mandelbrot entdeckte, was alle schon immer irgendwie gewusst haben: dass das doch alles dasselbe ist.

Vor kurzem lief im TV eine interessante Doku über die Entdeckung der fraktalen Mathematik und ihrer Bedeutung für das Verständnis der Welt (Mandelbrot). Eine zentrale Rolle spielt dabei der Begriff der

How to catch Danube Salmon with a #10 nymph / Huchen auf Nymphe.

Believe it or not: you can catch Huchen on a #10 jighead nymph. As long as it is the The Glöckner. Then it is in fact possible to catch Danube Salmon under the full sun, right in the heart of a town, with people walking by and having their beer in the beergarden next to the fish.

All this happened in Freising, a little town just 45 minutes away from Munich. The river, called

Huchen fischen an der Sava Bohinjka - Fishing Danube Salmon at river Sava Bohinjka / Slovenia

This winter, beautiful Sava in Slovenia was generous again. Fishing for three days gave me three times Hucho Hucho action.

Day 1: watch the video, just amazing, after two hours of fishing. Together with my guide Emil Pintar we spotted six! 1m+ Huchen on a stretch of 300 meters. And another 5 upstream at the bridge (what I call "Huchen Bar"), ... speechless... Look at pictures of this pristine river

Set on fire. On Fireland.

Some while ago, we travelled to Chile to visit a friend in Santiago de Chile. Already beeing there, I decided to take my rucksack, tent and sleeping bag with me to go for "a quick excursion" to the south. And while family and friends went to see Patagonia, I rented a car in Punta Arenas to drive to the famous Rio Grande on the chilean side of Tierra del Fuego, this famous river for sea run brown trout, that is every flyfishermans dream, with its peaktime in march. Now it was the 2nd on January. So I knew that there was only little to no chance of catching such an amazing fish ...

The one and only, Mr. Baginski?

If you could take only one fly to that famous island, which one would it be? That would hopefully catch most fish - on the most different conditions? So you finally would have something to eat. To survive!
The Fly Guys ask this simple but existentially pleasurable question from time to time to the ones that should know: great flyfishermen.
This time, it's - the one and only - Rolf Baginski, the famous german split-cane rod builder and author of the book "Split-cane rods – bamboo treasures", who we met some time ago. (in german).

And here it is: the Alexandra, a versatile and seducing fly for big fish - for more than 150 years. Thank you for sharing your one and only, Mr. Baginski.

Salmon fishing on Umba / Kola, Russia

Salmon control.

When I told my wife, that I intended to go to Finnmark for salmon fishing for the 6th time in a row, she said "Why don't you try something new?" Simple question, simple answer "Your're right." And as I meet Steffen Juhl, owner of Salmon Junkies (they offered some formidable rivers on Kola like Umba, Kola and Grand Varzuga back then) some time ago through my good old friend Blumi, and as he already had spent a good week on Umba, I decided to go for it too. So I called Steffen Juhl and booked the third week in June.

Caulk your windows and take the rest for fishing.

Just cut of a piece of the self-adhesive flexible foam insulation (in this case tesa moll universal) and put it on a hook. The perfect bread fly for withings in duck ponds (of course you would never use this for the famous bridge trouts).

A river runs through it. That's Munich.

A little while ago, Munich decided to renature the river bed of the Isar and brought back the "natural stream channel" of this beautiful river that comes from the Alps and runs right through the heart of this million-habitants-city. And although this river can't be renatured totally (the bed still has to work as a flood detention basin for the saisonal floods) I'm really impressed and proud of it. For the people that hang out all summer long, barbecuing, swimming and relaxing - right in the heart of the city. For the fishermen. And of course for the fish, all that trout, greyling, barbel and even danube salmon. Where else on this planet can you do this?

In the background the European Patent Office and the famous Deutsches Museum on it's island in the Isar.

The green was still to grow when I took the pictures.

When the bait bites back - Muhr's funny flies.

His pictures went through the communication scene a while ago. Now Spiegel Online brought it back to life: the incredibly funny dead flies by swedish photographer Magnus Muhr. Enjoy here.

Double hand, 6", #1.